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Rigid spankings and canings of female bottoms. The latest news about whipping movies and websites, lashing stories and free lashing and caning movie downloads. The rigid disciplinarians cover the full spectre of female corporal punishment. Corporal punishment movie reviews of film releases from Mood Pictures, Pain4fem and other hardcore caning producers. Honest tanning website reviews and previews for your information and entertainment

Free Caning Videos and Extreme Spanking Reviews. Mood Pictures video feature and pain4fem reviews. Extreme Spanking listings and free corporal punishment galleries

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mood pictures
  extreme caning videos The content of is a strong blend of extreme BDSM pictures and videos. You can more or less name any type of hard punishment for female slaves, and it will be featured. The needles and electro tortures seems to be the  
favoured types of torments, but there´s loads of whips, canes, hot wax, bastinado, bellybottom torture, breath play, weights and clamps as well. As such it compares in hardness to places like Insex and Torturegalaxy in the very extreme SM category.You will find a variety of slavegirls in sessions featuring punishments such as needle torture, electro pain, play piercings, very severe whippings and alot of other BDSM activities belonging to the hard end of the scene. Extreme BDSM and Spanking videos
spanking   caning

pain 4 fem spanking

  Spanking and shame Pain4fem Spanking caning video   Red Stripes spanking video
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Spanking NEWS - October 2021
New Celeb Spankings are finally here - try the Female Celebs Trading

Spanking NEWS - August 2021
New Spankings in the US are finally here - try the Baltimore Escort Spanking

Spanking NEWS - April 2021
The Dominatrice France hard BDSM site is one of the classical bondage sites on the net, that oldtimers will remember as a popular free site - Dominatrice French SM

Fetish Shemale Escorts

Spanking NEWS - March 2021
Mood Pictures have started releasing films again - looks promising! Might be a good fall with names like Pain4Fem and Kshara also throwing new corporal punishment releases on the table. Find more about casting couch kink at the Casting Couch Review

Spanking NEWS - January 2021
Real spankings with enthusiastic spankees and spankers are hard to come by. With kinky japanese porn stars spanked, western amateur spankees and much more!

We often feature sites like Blistered Butts and Spanking Online, but they do appear to be remnants from a time long passed with few new releases. Do keep an eye on Northern Spanking and Pain4Fem though, they still seem to deliver good hard spankings. Give it a go at BangLocals to find your own local spankee or sexually erotic dominance partner for 1-on-1 spanking sessions.

Spanking NEWS - December 2020
Northern Spanking, Spanking Sarah, the Real Spanking Network, Spanking Online, Blistered Butts and many more - excellent spanking websites come and gone. But some are still going and new ones pop up. Some are soft over the knee spanking over jeans, others feature hard judicial style caning, but theres something to enjoy for all spanking connosoirs..

Spanking NEWS - November 2019
Elitepain is back producing enticingly hard spanking and caning videos with some BDSM and punishment elements, even Mood Pictures have started sometimes releasing again. Also a few new excellent spanking films at Shadowslaves..

Spanking NEWS - October 2016
We have seen a domination style punishment film from this month along with a new BBW Spanking and caning video from Elite Pain - the Hungarian spanking connosoirs

Spanking NEWS - August 2015
The spanking links and reviews are all about GIrls Spanked on their bare bottoms for the pleasures of the spanker and the spankee. Stern caning masters and XXX mistresses teach the Spanking and pissing whores severe lessons in discipline but theres also room for more erotic takes on spanking fantasies along with Lesbian BDSM and Bondage Sex though the main focus is on the bare bottom punishments dished out and documented in photos, movies and via the Spanking Club Blog and corporal punishment live cams.

Spanking NEWS - June 2015
We have a whole bunch of fresh english spankers entering the scene such as Nimue Allen at Nimuesworld, Pandora Blake at Dreams Of Spanking and Sarah at Spanking Sarah. We will try and have a closer look at these exciting ladies red bottoms asap. You can also find more Mobile Fetish Clips spanking films for your phone or tablet.

Spanking NEWS - May 2014
Its a good year for red striped bottoms and corporal punishments! We have high hopes for new BDSM releases from The Pain Files, hardcore spanking movies from Pain4Fem and maybe Mood Pictures will even get back into shape with new exciting releases

Spanking NEWS - April 2013
Mood Pictures are back and producing new whipping movies at ElitePain. Pain4fem has launched some new mini paysites, but they look rather soft and as spinoffs of the mainsites such as Spankingserver - we havent had a chance to reviews these spanking sites yet though

Spanking NEWS - August 2012
Mood Pictures have started releasing films again - looks promising! Might be a good fall with names like Pain4Fem and Kshara also throwing new corporal punishment releases on the table. Find more about it in porn reviews

Spanking NEWS - October 2011
I know everyone was wating in excitement for new releases from Mood Pictures, but the first one after their relaunch was a fairly disappointing shadow of the glorious movies from the past. At this point it looks like Pain4Fem or maybe Kshara will grab the title as leading the market for harder end spanking movies but lets see, we are still hopefull that Mood-Pictures has goodies in the back about to be released. We also recommend reading the Spanking Fetish Blog for fresh news on spanking porn.

Spanking NEWS - September 2011
Hardcore movie producer Mood Pictures has resumed their productions of severe caning and extreme spanking movies. We look forward to new loads of red striped bottoms and bleeding welts from the eastern european spanking masters. A few new XXX Porn spanking movies even feature delightful amounts of XXX Porn from humiliated spankees first punished then fucked.

Spanking NEWS - March 2011
New spanking directory transition has been implemented behind the scenes to make it easier for you to find the best punishment sites on the internet. We handreview every single free spanking site and premium punishment ressources to ensure a high quality for your reading pleasures. Further, spanking webmasters can now create an account and get trusted status, which will give trusted spanking webmasters preferential treatment and listings in the directory - it aint based on bribes, its free - its based purely on quality and how interesting the spankings they deliver

Spanking NEWS - February 2011
New spanking video reviews are ready inside. Paysites Reviews with Free Porn Sampleshas a fresh batch of premium spanking site reviews! Just click around and check the great caning videos reviewed. We purchase the videos to review them, to avoid any form of pressure to deliver great reviews of poor quality material. You will get an honest opinion of every video we review.

Spanking NEWS - December 2010
New spanking website reviews completed of nackte frauen galerien and posted. Check out the honest reviews of these caning goodies.

Spanking NEWS - 2010
New spanking website reviews completed and posted. At Spanking reviews we pride ourselves in finding and presenting the most genuine real spankings and Free Spanking Videos thats available outthere and review them in an honest and thorough way. If a movie is boring, faked or just plain silly, we will warn you ... and give the spanking producer a trashing. We are main about Girl spanking but theres also room for a few women Spanking Men around the pages to keep variation and feed the femdoms and maleslaves and London Escorts

If you fancy hardcore corporal punishment movies and spanking videos we recommend paying a visit to Spanking Tube that has all your heart could desire. Plenty of spankings, tears and cute spanking stars. Girl next door caning and severely spanked amateur bottoms are featured at Amateur Spanking - Amateur Spanking and extreme caning adventures of real spankee babes under the OTK hands and canes.Girls Getting Spanked in Erotic Spanking. Ass spanking blog with bare bottom girls. Fresh news from the world of spanking and pain BDSM Spanking features a wide range of spankee girls, Quality spanking footage and corporal punishment ressources

pain 4 fem spanking

pain 4 fem spanking

  Pain4fem Spanking caning video   spanking video

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