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BDSM 247
BDSM 24/7 is well known term in the BDSM world that refers to around the clock slavery, or a fulltime master/slave relationship. In the website BDSM 247 were given a behind the scenes look at what actually happens in such a relationship. The couple whos featuring themselves, Joshua & e, are from california. Joshua states hes 52 years old, e looks some years younger but still middleaged.

The content of BDSM 24/7 is all about the private adventures of Joshua and slavegirl e, and the members are given a very thorough look at their life of bondage and SM. The majority of the content are BDSM picture galleries featuring slavegirl e in various types of BDSM, ranging from soft bondage to fairly severe pain. Youll see themed BDSM galleries such needle torture, nosehooks, pussy weights, breast torture, spanking and various types of bondage and suspension. So, down to basics what you get here are private pictures of es various punishments.

The quality of the picture galleries is good. All pictures come in high resolution, only clear quality shots are published, and the variation between the galleries. Of course, featuring a single slavegirl only puts a natural limitation on the overall variation in comparison with other sites, but BDSM 24/7 manages to be quite creative in findin new and creative scenarios to shoot and publish. In addition to the picture galleries, BDSM 24/7 also features a good amount of video clips - also featuring needle torture, breast torture and so forth. The clips are however in low resolution and very short, which means they must be seen as a supplement only.

The layout of BDSM 247 clearly indicates, that this is a feature on a private sm couple, that does the html themselves too. It looks very amateuristic and occationally confusing as well - particularly outside the members area. Inside the members area the layout is still very plain, but easily navigated through a frame at the left. Layout doesnt mean much to me while judging, but if you prefer tastefull setups or fancy graphics, this is certainly not a place for you. One further thing is, that the content is divided into 3 categories, one that can be viewed by all members, 1 that can be viewed after 3month membership, and one that can be viewed after 6month. Its an original loyalty feature for sure, personally Im not a big fan of such arrangements, as it sort of devaluates the membership purchased at first. However, the idea may perhabs be good, if the membersbase is a steady crowd - which might indeed be the case here. The updates are frequent but small, around every 5 days theres a new themed BDSM gallery, usually featuring round 15-20pictures.

Giving an overall score for a site like this is very hard. Judged solely upon the content it doesnt compete with the pro site outthere, but it certainly has other charming attractions. Its certainly a unique look behind the curtain of a private slave couple, who generously shares their personal punishment pictures and experiences, and as such theres both alot of good BDSM material here and a very outstanding personal touch to it all, naturally. It is a matter of personal taste, if that adds up for the limited variation given by there being only 1 slavegirl.

Personally I find it extraordinarily interesting, that BDSM 247 presents us with true authentic BDSM as its practitioned outthere in the real world. Of course that may not look quite as fancy, as material that comes out of Hollywood studios. But BDSM 247 has something the studios can only dream of - it has the erotic intensity and aura of love to it, that simply cant be staged. And finally, the mere knowledge that all of it is indeed real & actually part of a true powerexchange relashionship, it just gives it a true feeling to it and adds a quality thats hard to beat.

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